Driven by her passion for expression-of-self through clothing and her genuine care for people, Ashley launched Art of Style as a way to share her knowledge. Streamlining the art of getting dressed, Art of Style clients receive expert guidance with our menu of luxury services.

In the initial years, Art of Style embraced every opportunity, relishing extraordinary experiences while discerning the facets of the industry that resonated most. Through this journey, we honed our focus on meeting the emotional demands of each project while delivering bespoke styling solutions. Whether catering to private clients or shaping corporate dress codes, we understand the profound emotional impact of clothing and tailor our services accordingly.

At Art of Style, we prioritize understanding the client’s unique environment, allowing us to craft wardrobes that truly resonate with their needs and aspirations. Our approach is rooted in building enduring relationships with our clients, founded on a bedrock of trust.

Different from mass-produced box services or algorithmic suggestions, Art of Style offers a personalized touch, blending modern technology with a deep understanding of global brands. We’re committed to comprehensively understanding your requirements to determine if Art of Style is the perfect fit for you.

Ashley Boucher of Art of Style
A little more on Ashley

If you were to look in Ashley’s childhood bedroom in Kingwood Texas you would find the days of the week written inside the closet above hooks to stage her outfits. Her parents remember her starting this lifestyle in Kindergarten when the shoelaces of her Ked white sneakers had to match her outfit everyday. Ashley’s passion for clothing is nothing short of God given and she has made it her life mission to bring confidence through clothing to individuals Nationwide. Studying Fashion Merchandising and International Business at the University of North Texas, Ashley also had the privilege of abroad schooling in Asia and Europe exposing her to the fashion industry supply chain. 

For Ashley, the essence of her work has always been centered around empowering real individuals to make informed and confident choices in their purchases, ultimately fostering simplicity and self-assurance in their style journeys.

Ashley finds rejuvenation through DJing for fashion shows and luxury events, seamlessly blending her love for music with her affinity for fashion. Outside of the bustling city life, you might spot Ashley exploring nature alongside her loyal companion, Brethren, her bull terrier, bridging the gap between urban adventures and serene retreats.

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Ashley is strategically located in a hub of vibrant shopping experiences, with the added convenience of a centrally located airport. The city’s unwavering support for her ventures has been a driving force behind her success, allowing her to cultivate a diverse clientele both locally and nationwide.

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