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Welcome to our first post of an Art of Style Client Concept. We have been trying to determine how we can serve our online AoS family with the details that go into a client project, while still keeping the client experience private and exclusive. We hope you enjoy and as always we love any feedback…

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There is something in the air. When you turn on the TV you hear about it, businesses are capitalizing on it, the population is being moved by it. It comes round once a year and never fails to fizzle. That would be New Years fever. Ever caught it yourself? It is kind of hard not…

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A well dressed gentleman makes our heart go pitter patter. Major shout out to Kevin Love, Brad Pitt and many others who have paved the way of desire for looking fresh for our gentleman. Now at Art of Style we hold their hand as they stroll the paved way developing their own style. Check out our favorites for Fall!

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Is it just us or are networking events officially the cool new thing? Organizations are getting creative with their locations. We put together a few key pieces and the why behind them to have on hand for these events. Shop these pieces by clicking the item picture. EVERYTHING UNDER $100!

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As the temperatures dance back and forth between hot and cold here our selections for the must have pieces to get you through this transitional time. We hunted and sourced our favorites to feature, but when bringing in transitional pieces the key is they play well with the merchandise already in your closet. This time of year should not require many additions, but these key pieces will catapult your wardrobe into the cooler months.

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