Executive Assistant

I have worked with Ashley Boucher for many years on multiple projects and have experienced first hand what an extraordinary eye Ashley has for each individual client. She offers a tailored and comprehensive service that far out-performs any shopping experience you would get from a stylist at a high end retail store. Ashley has a depth of knowledge of the fashion industry that is truly unrivaled. After our initial meeting and listening to my needs, she provided an efficient and successful plan to organize my closet, purge the old, shop for new additions to my wardrobe – while bringing it all together, leaving me with options in my closet that actually made me feel like the best version of myself. Something I have never felt before. Ashley creates a unique shopping experience tailored to each client. For the working client, that has very limited time to shop, my most recent experience with Ashley was one of our most successful days yet. Ashley “pre-shopped” for hours for me and all I had to do was walk into the store and try on the items that Ashley knew would fit me. This particular service is so great for busy clients that can’t find time for themselves. Ashley makes the difficult part of shopping a breeze. Ashley’s heart and kind spirit make her an absolute joy to be around. I would recommended her services to everyone!

Cameron Deptula
Director of Capital Markets

I was always reluctant to invest in my appearance, mainly because I didn’t know where to begin, not to mention the thought of paying for clothes I wasn’t sure about gave me heartburn. That all changed when I was introduced to Ashley. I never thought I would be the guy who paid for fashion advice. I was reluctant and skeptical at first. However, Ashley quickly put my mind at ease by taking control and making the process painless and most importantly, fun. One thing I appreciated the most was her eagerness to make sure I stayed within my budget by not pushing the most expensive alternative and not duplicating what I already had in my closet.

For someone with a modest budget, Ashley spent an unbelievable 20+ hours with me. I couldn’t figure out why she was so dedicated.. especially when I wasn’t spending that much. The one-on-one time was so beneficial. who would have thought fashion could be so fun.

If you want to get the most out of this experience, just follow their process and let them do what they do best.. make you look good The entire process started with the consultation and closet review / cleanup. After breaking out my clothes into tiers (keeping all tier 1 and tier 2 items), Ashley offered to take the tier 3 clothes I was getting rid of to charities she works with. Not only was I able to remove all the clutter, I felt good about donating the quality clothes I did not fit into anymore. Once the clutter was gone, we found the areas in which I needed to improve on.

The day before our big shopping day, Ashley went pre shopping for all the items she worked to pick out over the last several days after the consultation. I can’t tell you how nice it was to walk into a store and have everything hanging up ready to try on as soon as we got there. We spent around four hours at the different stores. Once we were done shopping, Ashley and her team came to my place and totally reorganized my closet and went to work.

I loved stepping out of my comfort zone and felt great about every item I purchased. That was the first major accomplishment. My favorite  part though, aside from feeling more confident was their styling app. Ashley and her teams’ ability to style  you with both the new and old clothes was just terrific. Best of all, they took the all the different clothes in my closet, arranged them in a way only a stylist can and documented every outfit (from shirt down to the shoes) by taking high definition pictures. These pictures are all stored on my app and I have found it so easy to access if I have any questions or need ideas of how to match different articles of clothing. These systems and processes have taken the guessing out of the equation and best of all, there is not just a few options to pick from. Ashley and her team have taken the time to assemble hundreds of fashion solutions, making sure I know exactly what to wear on any given occasion. By following the process and using the app as a guide, I wake up every morning, figure out how I want to dress for the day or occasion and then I look at the options provided…. making sure I start my day looking like a million bucks.

Co-workers, friends and family have all seen a more positive and confident me. Most importantly, I have felt the changes. If you are like me and didn’t think fashion could elevate your game, I am proof that you and I are and were wrong. I look forward to working with Ashley and her team again… very soon. Don’t be hesitant. Any money spent is well worth it I have come to learn. First impressions are more important today than ever before… make sure you got the systems and Ashley in your life to make every day starts off on the right foot and looking good is imperative.

Thank you for your help Ashley & Team

The knowledge we have gathered throughout the years, allows Art of Style to meet each of our clients exactly where they are, accomplishing their unique goals, with the common thread of providing a purposeful wardrobe and a confidence in getting dressed each day.

Frances L.
Houston, Texas

Working with Ashley was an absolute dream.  Finding the perfect dress for my daughter’s wedding seemed daunting, until I met Ashley.  After our initial meeting she understood my style and the  impression I wanted to make. I walked into the dressing room and each dress she chose made me feel and look great. Most importantly, I found “the dress”!  Ashley is professional, intuitive , fun and has a sense of style that caters to each of her individual client’s needs. It was an absolute pleasure working with Ashley, she exceeded my expectations and I would recommend her in an instant.

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