Virtual Client

The Virtual Client service is our way of being at your finger tips any time a Fashion 911 surfaces. Upon signing up for your subscription we will schedule a video call to dive into a series of questions, and a try-on session, while we begin to define your style guide and create your client profile.

Based on the goal you determine with your AoS stylist, you will receive, within 48 hours, a personalized online shopping catalog of foundation pieces selected specifically for you. We are continuously in stores sourcing product, as well as working with the rewardStyle database to search 1 million global brands! This service is a bit beyond your typical box service. Once you have made your selections of your favorites and the packages have arrived you and your stylist will schedule a second virtual fit session.

Each client’s experience will be catered to the goal discussed. Throughout the month we are at your virtual disposal. Have a date pop up, invited to a dinner with office power players, girls weekend, etc. We are here to guide you with a look based on merchandise you already own, or if new products are in order we are happy to source that for you. For new goods, be mindful when you reach out so the retailer has time to ship.

Over time your wardrobe will develop into a professional stylist’s curated masterpiece! Saving you time, money and eliminating that frustrating emotion of “I have nothing to wear!” Each month upon billing, you will receive our top pics for you or send us a list of upcoming events – we are happy to shop with an agenda!

Closet Cleanse

Sometimes all you need is a professional eye and an objective opinion. Most days begin with staring at your wardrobe and the task that is involved with getting dressed. Let’s start your day on a positive note with an organized and purposeful closet. We will analyze each piece, have you try things on and discuss why or why not a style works for you. We will transform your closet to tip-top performance shape! We will style outfits with pieces you would like to wear more often and create a list of pieces needed to fill in your wardrobe gaps.

After your closet cleanse you will receive a Style Guide complete with the tips and personalized fit guidance discussed in the appointment. Virtual shopping suggestions to fill in the gaps, as well as some of our other stylist tips and tricks will be included in the Style Guide as well.

Tricks of the Shopping Trade

Together we will embark on a selection of stores selected specifically for you. As we shop together we will educate you on how to shop like a stylist. Understanding foundations your wardrobe needs, which parts of the body to emphasize and what stores to hit that will make future shopping experiences on your own fun and painless!

After our time spent in the stores, you will receive a customized Style Guide of everything we covered during the shopping trip and suggestions for what your wardrobe may still need, based on our purchase.

Mixology of Sevices

Feeling like you need it all? Are you ready to finally come to a place of understanding how to shop? Or maybe you are ready to experience the luxury of a personal shopper?

We will begin your wardrobe journey with a consultation in your closet. Editing through your wardrobe, getting it to tip top condition. Cleaning out what is tired, finally taking care of those alterations, while focusing on the gaps in your wardrobe.

The Art of Style team will then hit the stores to prepare for our shopping day. We will pre-shop the stores making the selections based on your style, budget and most importantly your needs!! Shopping with a focused purpose and a professional is an investment that will save you time and money in the long run. When your glorious shopping day arrives, your AoS stylist will either bring the product to your home for an in home shopping experience or together you will visit the stores. The fitting rooms will be set up with the preselected clothing, creating a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience at a fraction of the time.

Once we have successfully completed our shopping excursion we will meet within a few days for a style session. We will style your new clothing with the pre-AoS pieces, creating a look book of 50+ looks for any possible occasion that could arise. Our greatest fear is that our clients will love what we purchase, but not remember all the marvelous ways to rock it! We shop smart so the pieces are limitless!

After a few days with your stylist you will have a customized and purposeful wardrobe, along with a look-book of images, bringing those pieces into your everyday life!

Dream Team

Our goal at Art of Style is to bring simplicity and ease to getting dressed for anyone, for any occasions. If you have read through the services and still feel a tug at your heart to work with us, but unsure of what is right for you, contact us. Let’s start with a consultation over a spot of tea, a beverage or maybe a simple phone call if that is what your schedule permits. We will work with you to customize a service for your needs.

That might mean a special occasion event, a dinner invitation with potential clients for work, surprise weekend get-away, or maybe you would like to give our services as a gift! We are here to serve you with our gifts.